Thursday, 14 July 2011

Resolving Inability To Add/Remove Programs.

There were also a time when you encounter some trouble to uninstall your program You might not be able to uninstall the program because of... depends!

It's kinda frustrating... ~i know because i do get upset for this simple thing that i want to throw away the lappy~  to have the program stored in your local drive but you did not even open the program once. Waste some space which you can locate for other program.

If a particular user cannot add/remove programs, here might be simple regedit (registry editor)~Again?~ to be done.

1. Open "RUN" and type in "regedit".
2. Navigate to;


and change the DWORD NoAddRemovePrograms to "0" to disable it.

P/S: Don't be afraid to try or make mistake, learn!. People learn from mistakes. that's for sure, but please la... if something happen on your lappy,, that's not my fault. i wasn't the one who projected. The responsible is YOURS.
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