Tuesday, 19 July 2011

FUNNY SIGNBOARDS ~don't ask me~

When i was browsing the net few days ago, i came across these few funny signboards.
IDK if these were made up just for fun or they seriously displaying them.
Whatever the reason is, just have look at it. I just picked a few. There are lots actually, but these are the few that attract me. 

This is all about language.
Yep! Language~~

Does this mean you will have to die? Scary though!

This sounds like a threat to me, but it is not!

 Wonder where are the sharp edges.

  Direct translation is the WINNER!!

 I don't even want to go into this shop. Don't even bother to take a half glance. ~_~
 In some way, i think this is logical. But in other way, i think it is illogical. So, which one? ~IDK! a|ways dunno~

P/S: I  really really want to put all the funny signboards i found at the websites. but due to laziness, i don't. well,, maybe some other time.
Disclaimer: All information, contents and pictures were taken from other websites. i do not own nor do i create this. This is only for sharing purpose. I do not gain any profit from it.

Warning Shots:

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