Thursday, 22 January 2015

What the hell... Gintama?

Alamak! Schedule entry aku tinggal sikit la... kena buat entry in advance banyak2 nih~

^ Please just let this be Hijikata's dream

Ah and yes, I was just reading gintama....

I really can't believe Sorachi is taking a different route this time. Or was this his plan from the very beginning?

I feel like, reading a japanese history seeing how he kinda matched the history with the current arc... I just wish this Gorilla didn't kill the Gorilla inside the story. 

Gintama I know is a super hilarious parody kind of manga. So please Gori... don't kill Gori. I do like the stalker Gori even though he is just a hairy-ass Gorilla.

And I still believe Gorilla is the biggest troll.

P/S: Posting this for no reason... it's been a long time I haven't come here.

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