Wednesday, 8 October 2014

It's too good to be true...

This whole chapter is so damn good ~like hell I never say that, in fact, I always say the same thing over and over again~

What Odacchi did this time is so... I never thought Law is one of the D. Damn you Oda~~~ You make me cry like shit here~

lit. read Torafarugā D Wāteru Rō but the translation is,

(in some site. Should wait for another translation)

Law is a D. He is a fucking D. He is a D carrier. More reason for me to broship Law and Luffy.

So he thought bribing one of the family is a good idea... what's more, he bribed Buffalo with an ice-cream! What a cute thought... so like a kid.

It seems like, they get along very well, him, Baby 5 and Buffalo.

Speaking of which, Law has a short temper
He always threatening Baby 5 with his death glare... what a man!

Chapter 740
Based on experience, he knows how to shut Baby 5 up.

Chapter 762
I want more of the giving Baby 5 death glare moment

Look at them... so cute! That's a pretty unique friendship the both have there.

He learns so much from the Donquixote family.

Law and Corazon
I can see "I-don't-give-a-damn-anymore face" of Law... 

I really can't hate Doflamingo... 
Seeing Baby 5 clinging to Doffy... that's adorable...

An example of a good mentor for Law and Baby 5. Ah yasss! Doffy thought of Law and Baby 5 as his younger siblings. What a cute captain!

One Piece/ Chapter 763

p/s: Next week... next week... my head is going to explode due to excitement.

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