Tuesday, 3 December 2013

That feeling...

One piece Chapter 730 will be released sooner. Maybe tomorrow. Seriously, this tension is really killing me.

Law is one of my favourite character too, aside of Zoro. So seeing him like this...
One Piece chapter 729

Ah!! my heart break...

I wonder what'll happen to him.

I remember, I have the same feeling a while back, when I read chapter 178 (Vol.20). It was 11 years ago ~isn't that long ago~But the wait wasn't that long because I read the book, so I knew what happened to him shortly after. Just read through the volume... and I found the answer that Luffy was still well and alive.

And also this chapter ~I remember I read it online~ I was also so shocked when I read this chapter back then.
Chapter 512 (2008)

The tension, suspense, rough assumptions and predictions all played while waiting for the next chapter.

But, today... actually it started two weeks ago since the last chapter released, I just can't wait, really really can't wait. 

Especially when I saw this little note;
Just reading the whole chapter really makes my adrenaline rushes non-stop and goosebumps here and there. But then, it halted!! Grrr~~

Since the latest chapters haven't been put together into a volume, the book hasn't been released yet... and so I have to wait for updates every Wednesday... ~the wait is slowly killing me inside~

And this is the second week I have waited for the update. Last week, One piece is on hiatus. Two weeks felt too long that I decided to write an entry about this just to ease my impatient heart! 

Maybe tomorrow or at least on Thursday, the new chapter will be released. Hope so... 

Hurry tomorrow~ me be waitin' fer yer... But I'm pretty sure, One Piece will be released after Naruto and Bleach. I noticed, it always follows the sequence.

P/S: And I spent the whole two weeks watching the animes. Again and again. And I admit that, I still like the Sabody Archipelago arc where Kid, Law & Luffy fight alongside each other to beat the marines.

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