Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Just... how many spammers hit me?

Not only me, I believe almost all bloggers have this issue. And I didn't post this to tell you how to reduce spammers... because I don't have any idea... more like I am lazy.

Maybe, someday later I'll post about reducing spammers... oh well, no need, I bet, certain bloggers know... do they? I don't know... ~am not an expert in this field... just yet~

To point it out, it's just annoying.

Yet, sometimes it's funny. I post an entry in malay language, and the spammers just have a heavenly big good heart to bullshitting though it's just a full of crap entries >>like this<< or >>this<< or >>maybe this<< with no serious issue and useful information and just a randomly stupid thoughts.

Yeah right! standard information... Fakhyu

I am very sure this >>"suatu masa dahulu"<<  entry is none other business.... It has nothing to do with people around me... those spammers were just exaggerating~

Nah! Makan kau taik hidung

 I just spotted grammar mistake... hohoho...

They normally attack your old entries... Enabling comments moderators comments can also help you to filter incoming comments... Oh, yes... another one is word verification... there's no where in hell robots can read those, no? ~Lama-lama aku buat juga ni cara2 hentikan komen spam... tunggu aku jadi pakar dulu~

Just wondering, what do the spammers understand anything about the stuffs I wrote about?

Nay... those spams are just computer-generated text. So, they don't understand even poop. 

P/S : too lazy to post useful entry... -_- and too lazy to delete those spam comments... I'll delete it some other time.. 

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