Saturday, 23 November 2013

Simple English Wikipedia

To those who love to refer on english wikipedia.

Do you, sometimes, have difficulties to understand what you read at wikipedia?

Well I do, and I am very sure, each time you open a wiki page for whatever topic you are searching for, you'll find lot of difficult english words that you have to open three or four dictionaries just to find the meaning of the words or maybe you find a lot of technical terms you never heard of that you have to open a new tab and search the terms online (or maybe click on the links provided) and a lot of difficult things that I know you understand what I'm talking about.

Here is some useful tip to make the contents more understandable.

Just change the en in the address to simple.



It'll simplify the contents where the complex structures and irrelevant information will be removed. 

The contents will be more comprehensible.

Believe it or not?

See for yourself.

p/s : If i had known this earlier...

Warning Shots:


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