Saturday, 6 August 2011

TREAT your EYES harshly! =Part 3=

Here comes another test. I already told you, this is a good exercise for your lovely, cutely eyes.
it trains your brain too.

Remember, try to focus on that picture to get the real image.

So, let's try another pictures.

How many candies do you see?

I thought i saw 11 candies.

What about this one?
I can only see a chair.

This quite irritates my eyes. i know.
a man is sitting and thinking. i guess.

last but not least.
it's a saturn or saturns?? hiccup!

Train the eyes and the mind to see things and think  better. What you see is not what you get. Got it? -just kidding-

Disclaimer: All materials are taken from other websites. 

P/S: No profit is gained, so don't sue me for any copyright issues. There'll be another picas coming soon. ~collecting~ collecting~~

Warning Shots:

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