Thursday, 24 April 2014

Got lost again...

One Piece 745

Oh me God, I just can't stop squirming over this particular chapter... ~I lied! Each damn week I'll have this kinda overexcited mood. I couldn't help it.~

Like seriously Law is still chained on the chair but no one cares... what the hell Law? He's so fucked up!

But no worry... you still look good though! Even if you look like shit.

Hmmm... Doffy is such a tough opponent...

And again, another Robin dark cute side


And this, I was utterly speechless... I was expecting him to fight on par with Pica, nonetheless, he was there. 

Zoro will always be Zoro... eh wait! 
It's Zoro so I already saw this coming, haih! In the end, he'll save the day... Oh my Zoro!

I'm pretty sure he was somewhere down there before, but then he was somewhere up there... seems so...

Where's Sanji and the rest??? That waiting is slowly killing me inside while I am still breathing.

P/S : This chapter gives me so many feels

Warning Shots:

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