Thursday, 16 January 2014

They are back... they are back...

Yeah! yeah! yeah!!!

Finally after two weeks, the wait ended...

One Piece is back... I am so hyper excited 

One Piece chapter 734

Law... Law... Law...
*Beaten to a pulp... I overestimated him... but I still love him.. meh

Zoro... Zoro... Zoro...
*Him in a cat suit.. kinda adorkable

I miss them after two weeks...

The whole two weeks I am so unmotivated 

P/S : Once in a three weeks is torturing... once a week, although is not enough, is better than never.

Warning Shots:


  1. Wah..bestny!!! roomate abak mmg fanatik!!

    1. ye ke? hahaha kirim salam kat roomate abak :p

  2. Yes... all the fans overjoyed with excitement at the incoming chapter. Keep posting girl. And, I have shared some of your posts. If you don't mind.


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