Monday, 16 May 2011


13.Mei.2011 is the most memorable moment in my life. guess what? urr.. it has nothing to do with the race riots that happened  looong time ago - really,, nothing at all- it's just that, i finally become a true and legal and so so graduate which i had been waiting for five months after completing my study.

The 74th Convocation Ceremony was held at Dewan Agong Tuanku Canselor (DATC) - a very new hall and we are the first graduates having the ceremony there- very lucky.

Seriously, mmg mula2 aku x mau p konvo memikirkan pasal kesusahan that i expect to come when i get there -i mean s.alam. malas mau cari tmpt nginap. bwa beg sana sini mcm org lari dr rumah. ish.. klu ingat balik mmg rasa benci- naseb bek ade gak kengkawan yg masih tinggal kwsn s.alam ni. leh juga jadi pelarian kejap. pastu aku stay kejap kt umah kwn nih (thanks a bunch dear friend).

Tapi, bila da abes konvo.. fuyoo00oo! best siot although there some small small unimportant things that make me a little bit --ur--. but, nvrmind, yg pnting dah abes. da selesai dan aku pun dah selamat sampai kt rumahku syurgaku safe and sound ~~~~~. All the whole blood and tears were paid off on that day.

P/S - things to remember in each and every corner. lalala
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