Thursday, 19 December 2013

Enhance your broadband signal

So.. having problem with your broadband speed? Might the signal be the issue?

Let Aluminium do the trick.

You don't have to purchase the expensive package data as it promised you with... that thing.. you know that, or buy speed booster to speed up your internet connection or ruin your system... that ping ping thing ~might also write an entry about this... later~... solely for the purpose of increasing the speed of your internet.

Even if you purchase the expensive one, if you have a poor coverage, then you can think of your mobile phone.

Let's skip all those pointless shits because I also have no slightest idea about what  I wrote just now.

Here are the methods.

It's simple, cheap and no bullshit tricks. You can also get all the materials from your kitchen by the way. But have to some work. Let's get your ass off!

You need : Kitchen utensils made from Aluminium (a pot or pan, maybe)

All you have to do is connect your broadband via the cable provided.

Put the broadband into the pot and cook it ~JK~

Just like in this picture.
Since it's mobile, you just have to move the pot around to find the right spot.

You need : Aluminium foil, a sieve (the bigger the better)


First, make a slit at the centre of the seive. Make sure the cable fits the hole. ~And I'm not going slit my mom's property. She'll chase me around with her broom stick. Or worse scenario you can think of.~

Wrap the sieve with the aluminium foil.

And it'll look like this little satellite dish.

Also, move your now satellite to find the correct signal.

A/N : The parabolic shape makes the reflection focus on your broadband ~Go back to physic books to do some revision~

You need : A CD (Unused or damaged one , anything can do)

All you have to do is plug it in.

It's said that this might not be effective because of it's flat feature so, the aim doesn't really directed to the broadband.

And you couldn't move around to much since the broadband sticks to your laptop, so, it'll be hard to find the hotspot.

That is why, the second method is more effective.

Hell I do this, it looks uncool, idiot and funny. ~but I did for the sake of my entry -_-~

or maybe this.
At least it can be moved around.

You need : you know your tin cap can do the job?

Drill a hole at the centre, at most, fits the cable.

This hole-hole thing really makes you move your muscle a bit.

Then, it'll look like the third method but with more mobility
so you can move it around to find the right spot too.

ALL YOU NEED: Aluminium and creativity.

As long as you use Al and find a creative way to make your own.

Then be it.


This can be applied to your router too.

Like this,

Your aluminium cans/tins (cola, 100plus) also can be used. But make sure you wash them first. You wouldn't want the cockroaches to crawl there no?


I can't promise it will increase the speed but pretty sure that it'll enhance your broadband coverage unless your broadband reached it's quota limit.

Somehow, I want to write an entry about hacking your broadband quota limit Should I or shouldn't I?

Credit  : Google Image

P/S : If this doesn't work, don't get mad. Peace yo!

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  1. Never thought somebody will use this kitchen trick to get a fairly good coverage. Just to tell you, it actually works bro.


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