Friday, 15 April 2011

What a very busy life.................................... n_n\\

Yes! very busy. there yo go.. i am so greedy. i  have two works at the same time. lol

but... having two works not bad at all. i love it... i mean, i happen to love it.
working as a teacher during the day and another work during the noon. straight after class, i'll go to my second workplace which i work as a typist (typist as hell) for almost four years.

so from now on, i will have two personalities (teehee) the innocent one and the normal (?) one (is it a tsundere??? tell me! tell me!) . being a teacher,, i have to control my behaviour, attitude and all that which is sickened me BECAUSE I HAVE TO PRETEND!!! become HYPOCRITE (not a good choice of word though) and the me during the noon,, which is actually the 2ND ME! (huh? do i have two?).

it's a troublesome if i accidentally meet my students (meh! just tell them not to call me teacher.. i malu tau). duh! what should i do if i happen to meet the teachers? OMG... can't imagine that! but i hope,,, they do not come (please God) but if one of them did,,, jeng.. jeng.. jeng... i will tell if they did.

so, starting now,,, i'm gonna be a very very very busy person. and,,, i'll most likely updating my blog once in a while. (*_*).

Warning Shots:


  1. oke..u dun have to pretend to be innocent for long as i will tell ur students later! haha

  2. guess no one will believe it. lol


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